About Us

NewYorkScapes is a research community exploring the application of digital concepts, tools, and resources to the study of the history of urban cultures and landscapes. Founded in 2013, the initiative comprises a number of activities, among them a NewYorkScapes Writing Group, an Urban Space Reading Group, and faculty workshop dedicated to integrating teaching built around long-term digital projects into the larger collective research community.

Through conversation and collaboration among scholars, archivists, artists, and activists, it seeks to facilitate the development of projects related to the interpretation, curation, and communication of the documentary record of New York City, and projects engaging with the aesthetics, art, literature, design, and experiences of the city.

NewYorkScapes also seeks to make discoverable historic data related to the city of New York in both its non-digital and digital forms, and to collaboratively build that data for research purposes where it is not yet existent.

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