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Historical City Data Log-a-Thon
Come join NewYorkScapes for a historical data catalog building event co-sponsored by the Digital Culture/s Colloquium. We'll be searching open-access digital libraries and data sources high and low for undiscovered data documenting the history of the city of New York.
House of Genius Project
The House of Genius Project is part of a group digital project on Washington Square and Greenwich Village conducted by librarians in the Humanities and Social Sciences department of NYU's Bobst Library.
Inquisite is a tool for collaboratively organizing and analyzing research data using proven techniques developed for archival management and social networks.
Irish Speakers & the Empire City is a collaborative endeavor to try to identify and record the household information of residents of New York City born in Ireland who claimed Irish (Gaelic) as their mother tongue on the 1910 census.
Jayati Narain
With a focus on urban studies, Jayati is specifically interested in researching the process of urbanization through a multispecies and sustainability lens. Focusing on how the built environment shapes interactions and becomes the site of everyday negotiation and contestation. Exploring
Jeremy Rowe
Dr. Rowe is an interdisciplinary researcher fostering collaborations that leverage computer science and applications of data acquisition, storage, security, modeling, visualization, analysis and interpretation into research, education and entrepreneurship. His research has involved digital libraries, educational technologies, and modeling and visualization
Juan Jiménez
Juan Pablo Jiménez-Caicedo is a Lecturer in discipline at the Latin American and Iberian Cultures Department at Columbia University, where he teaches elementary and intermediate courses, and an advanced language course on Latin Popular Music and socio-cultural history in New