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This is the biographical and source material for members of the Syrian colony of New York City 1880-1900. It supports the book, Strangers in the West: The Syrian Colony of New York City, 1880-1900 (New York, 2015).
Data focused on the electoral and demographic history of New York State. Files derived from federal and states censuses, New York State Negro Suffrage Referenda Returns, New York State Liquor License Referendum Returns, New York State Assembly documents, counts of
The objective of this data collection was to examine inequalities of wealth and the geographic distribution of wealthy individuals in late 18th- and early 19th-century New York and to investigate wealth in relationship to occupation and location. For this study,
The "Irish Emigrants Manifest Database" is an Excel file containing the name, age, occupation, birthplace, ship name, and arrival date for 18,000 of the 916,000 Irish immigrants who arrived at the port of New York from 1846 to 1854.