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The Crane-Rychtarik Correspondence
This website represents a prototype for a digital edition of the Crane-Rychtarik correspondence held by Fales Library and Special Collections. It features high-resolution facsimiles of the letters exchanged between the modernist poet and set designer, as well as transcriptions, metadata,
Tierney Gleason
Tierney Gleason is a Reference and Digital Humanities Librarian at Fordham University. She worked for over a decade in the nonprofit sector for progressive social change before shifting the course of her activist career towards librarianship. A graduate of the
Tom Augst
Thomas Augst teaches courses in American literature and culture. His writing focuses on literary history of the nineteenth-century, interpreting diverse forms of literacy and media in relation to questions about ethics and self-cultivation, the organization of knowledge, and the cultural
Unmapping the Caribbean: Sanctuary and Sound
What would a map of sanctuary look like? This digital cartography project "Unmapping the Caribbean: Sanctuary and Sound" employs Esri Story Maps to examine fugitivity in the region through the lenses of marronage and indigeneity, depicting five geographies: New York
The Urban Space Reading Group will be meeting with David Kishik to discuss his new book, The Manhattan Project: A Theory of a City.
The Urban Space Reading Group will be discussing David Harvey's "Urbanization and Urban Planning in Capitalist Society."
What new opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration do digital tools afford scholars working with archival resources? How might new digital tools make the history, art, and culture in New York City visible in new ways, to new publics?