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QUEENSBOUND is a collaborative audio project founded by KC Trommer and begun in 2018 with a New Work grant from the Queens Council on the Arts.
Rachel Ward
Rachel M. Ward is a Ph.D. Candidate focusing on media art, artist archives, legacy and technology. She is a Research Associate at Small Data Industries — a media art conservation practice in Brooklyn — as a National Digital Stewardship (NDSR
REPOhistory and the Lower Manhattan Sign Project
This project explores the collective REPOhistory’s inaugural project, the Lower Manhattan Sign Project (LMSP). The LMSP was a public installation of temporary, site-specific historical markers consisting of 39 signs in 36 locations by 49 members in 1992. The intent of
Susan Roberts
Susan Roberts is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where she earned dual undergraduate degrees in mathematics and mechanical engineering. Susan is retired from having practiced in process control and instrumentation for basic industries. She recently relocated from Los
Tamar Barzel
Tamar Barzel is an ethnomusicologist and lecturer at Harvard University whose research addresses the interface between creative identity, cultural heritage, and adventuresome sounds. Her first book, New York Noise: Radical Jewish Music and the Downtown Scene (Indiana University Press, 2014,
Tao Leigh Goffe
Tao Leigh Goffe is a writer, dj, and professor specializing in the narratives that emerge from histories of imperialism, migration, and globalization. She received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Princeton University and PhD in American studies from Yale University.