Culture Mapping 2019: Media

Video: Keynote Address

Culture Mapping 2019 Keynote Address, “Mapping Impasse,” Dr. Elizabeth Rodrigues


Amir Sheikh Presentation Photo
(Dis)Placed in New York Exhibition
Laura Cadena Presentation
Danny Jauregui Presentation
Elizabeth Rodrigues Keynote
Betty Yu Presentation
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Video: Presenter Talks

“Art, Migration, and Preservation: The Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library”
Jehan Roberson & Alexandra Provo, New York University

“Mapping Loss in the Wake of Urban Renewal: Baku as Case Study”
Rustin Zarkar, New York University

“Re-Imaging the Frontier: The Visual and Vernacular Strategies of Anti-Counterfeiting Initiatives”
Laura Cadena

“Mapping Bison: Multispecies Space Making in Growing Urban Environments”
Jayati Narain, New York University

“Here There Be Dragons: Broadcasting the Intersection of Identity and Security”
Jessica Myers

“Irish Traditional Music at the Library of Congress”
Patrick Egan (Pádraig Aodhgáin), Library of Congress

“Catcalls of NYC: Mapping Instances of Street Harassment with Chalk, ‘IRL’ and on Instagram”
Sophie Sandberg, New York University

KC Trommer

“Practicing Palimpsestry in Seattle’s Landscape: Archives, Counter-Mapping, and Public Scholarship”
Amir Sheikh, University of Washington

“‘Island to Island’: Using the Brooklyn Bridge to Understand Queer Isolation and Influence”
Corey Clawson, Rutgers University

“The Decolonial Mapping Toolkit”
Patrick Jaojoco & Rebecca Manski

“Resisting Queer Erasure: Counter-Mapping as Artistic Strategy”
Danny Jauregui, Whittier College