Irish Emigrants Manifest Database

The “Irish Emigrants Manifest Database” is an Excel file containing the name, age, occupation, birthplace, ship name, and arrival date for 18,000 of the 916,000 Irish immigrants who arrived at the port of New York from 1846 to 1854. It is not a random sample, but was created almost entirely from those manifests which gave detailed information (county, parish, or town) for each immigrant’s place of birth within Ireland.

Dataset Variables

Variable Name Description Format
AGE age of individual string
COUNTRY_ORIGIN country of origin of individual string
COUNTY_STATE_ORIGIN county or state of origin of individual string
DAY_ARRIVED day of ship arrival string
DIED_VOYAGE death of individual on voyage string
FAMILY_NUMBER identifying number of family string
GENDER gender of individual string
INTENDED_PLACE_SETTLEMENT intended destination of immigrant string
INTENDED_TOWN_CITY_SETTLEMENT intended town or city of destination string
LUGGAGE luggage possessed by individual string
MONTH_ARRIVED month of ship arrival string
OCCUPATION occupation of individual string
PASSENGER_FAMILY_NAME first initial of passengers surname string
PASSENGER_FIRSTNAME_INITIAL passengers firstname initial letter string
PORT_ORIGIN point of embarkation string
SHIP_NAME name of ship string
SHIP_NUMBER unique identified for ship string
TOWN_CITY_ORIGIN town or city of origin string
YEAR_ARRIVED year of ship arrival string