National Crime Surveys: Cities, 1972-1975

This sample of the National Crime Survey contains information about victimization in 26 central cities in the United States. The data are designed to achieve three primary objectives: 1) to develop detailed information about the victims and consequences of crime, 2) to estimate the numbers and types of crimes not reported to police, and 3) to provide uniform measures of selected types of crimes and permit reliable comparisons over time and between areas of the country. Information about each household or personal victimization was recorded. The data include type of crime (attempts are covered as well), description of offender, severity of crime, injuries or losses, time and place of occurrence, age, race and sex of offender(s), relationship of offenders to victims, education, migration, labor force status, occupation, and income of persons involved.

Dataset Variables

Variable Name Description Format
V1001 household i.d. number string
V1002 year and city i.d. string
V1003 record type code string
V1004 primary sampling unit number string
V1005 serial number string
V1006 check digit string
V1007 alphabetic suffix string
V1008 panel number string
V1009 household number string
V1010 interviewer identification string
V1011 line no. of household respondent string
V1012 race of head of non-interviewed household string
V1013 interview type string
V1018 household status string
V1019 special place type designator string
V1020 tenure string
V1021 type of living quarters string
V1022 no. of housing units in structure string
V1023 operation of business from this address string
V1024 family income string
V1025 crime incident reports completed string
V1026 no. of household members 12 years and over string
V1027 no. of household members 12 years and under string
V1028 total no. of motor vehicles owned string
V1029 primary sampling unit number string
V1030 1970 county code string
V1031 sample designation string
V1032 cities group number string
V1033 calendar year in which household was interviewed string
V1034 1960 state code string
V1035 household weight string
V1036 age of head string
V1037 marital status of head string
V1038 race of head string
V1039 sex of head string
V1040 highest educational level of head string
V1041 highest educational level completed by head string
V1042 ethnicity of head string
V1043 employment status recode for head string
V2001 household i.d. number string
V2002 person identification number string
V2003 year and city i.d. number string
V2004 record type code string
V2005 type of interview string
V2006 person line number string
V2007 relationship to household head string
V2008 age last birthday string
V2009 marital status string
V2010 race string
V2011 sex string
V2012 armed forces member at time of interview string
V2013 highest grade attended string
V2014 completed that grade string
V2015 live in this house april 1 1970 string
V2016 residence in city limits string
V2017 armed forces member april 1 1970 string
V2018 major activity string
V2019 type of interview string
V2020 temporalily absent or on layoff last week string
V2021 looking for work string
V2022 why could not take job last week string
V2023 worked for whom string
V2024 what kind of business or industry string
V2025 class of worker string
V2026 occupation code string
V2027 police report last 12 months - response 1 string
V2028 police report last 12 months - response 2 string
V2029 police report last 12 months - response 3 string
V2030 crime suspected but not reported - response 1 string
V2031 crime suspected but not reported - response 2 string
V2032 crime suspected but not reported - response 3 string
V2033 worked during previous week string
V2034 ethnicity string
V2035 employment status recode string
V2036 person weight string
V2037 person record sequence designator string
V2038 total number of incidents for each person string
V3001 household identification number string
V3002 person identification number string
V3003 incident identification number string
V3004 year and quarter identification string
V3005 record type code string
V3006 line number of victim string
V3007 screen question number string
V3008 incident number string
V3009 in what month (did this/did the first) incident happen? string
V3196 place of occurrence of incident string
V3197 type of business or industry string
V3198 employee classification string
V3199 incident weight string