Strangers in the West Source Material

This is the biographical and source material for members of the Syrian colony of New York City 1880-1900. It supports the book, Strangers in the West: The Syrian Colony of New York City, 1880-1900 (New York, 2015).

Dataset Variables

Variable Name Description Format
BIRTH YEAR birth year string
CHILDREN name of children string
DEATH year of death string
EARLIEST SOURCE DATE earliest source date string
EXTENDED FAMILY names of extended family members string
FATHER name of father string
FIRST NAME first name string
GENDER gender string
IMM YEAR year of immigration string
LAST NAME last name string
MAIDEN NAME maiden name string
MARITAL STATUS marital status string
MARRIAGE YEAR marriage year string
MOTHER name of mother string
NAT STATUS/ DATE nationality status string
NO. OF CHILDREN number of children string
NO. OF LIVING CHILDREN (AS OF 1900) number of children living as of 1900 string
PLACE OF ORIGIN place of origin string
RELIGION religion string
SIBLINGS name of siblings string
SPOUSE name of spouse string