Description: an address recorded in a dataset
List of Manhattan art galleries, including name and intersection or exact address. Occasionally includes type of art on display (e.g., photographic). Notes free admission where applicable.
Listing of categories of secret societies (e.g., Druids, Sons of Liberty, Masons) and the place or lodge names, addresses, and days of the week/month of recurring meetings. Also lists national/language affiliations. Some lines contain multiple addresses as a result of
A list of mail stations, noting which stations are also money order offices; the stations are designated by letter for the city of Manhattan.
List of Manhattan libraries, organized alphabetically by name. Includes exact address or description of location; days and hours of operation; admission or membership fees at various tiers; and gender restrictions (e.g., separate reading rooms for women).
Maps created by the Church Temperance Society purporting to show the location of liquor saloons and lager beer saloons in predominantly Lower East Side neighborhoods. The locations are shown spatially on a handrawn map with minimal attached characteristics.
To summarize:   This study explores attitudes and perceptions related to urban problems and race relations in 15 northern cities of the United States (Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Gary, Milwaukee, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco,