Building Project-Based Research Communities around Humanities Data

How might we build collaboration into the curation and interpretation of data in the humanities? How might a tool that facilitates the sharing of humanities data enable new kinds of networked research communities?

Following an introduction by Clay Shirky, Vice Provost for Educational Technology at NYU, Thomas Augst (English, NYU) and Nicholas Wolf (NYU Libraries) report on NewYorkScapes and its new accompanying website, a collaborative venture between NYU College of Arts and Sciences, NYU Libraries, and NYU IT, to build ties among researchers through project-based collaboration and support for place-based learning.

With Seth Kauffman, founder of Brooklyn developer Whirl-i-gig, they will also introduce a prototype of Inquisite, an open-source environment for building and sharing data collections for the purposes of teaching and research.

This event is being hosted by the NYU Center for the Humanities. To RSVP and find all location details, visit