Culture Mapping 2018

Are you interested in applying digital tools to the interpretation and visualization of cultures, geographies, and urban experience? Come share methods and motives with NewYorkScapes, a research community exploring spatial humanities and urban cultures.


APRIL 20: Bobst Library, Room 743

Mapping in the Classroom 12:30-2:30

A librarian-led workshop with Nick Wolf, Andrew Battista, and Michelle Thompson focusing on integrating mapping software with instructional design, with a hands-on session on ESRI Story Maps followed by pedagogical planning and discussion. RSVP here.

Mapping Together 2:30-4:30

A collaborative feedback session on projects in progress with graduate students and faculty. Students will present brief updates on their work followed by discussion and project planning in conjunction with fellow participants. Interested in presenting your work in progress? Register a project to share here.
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APRIL 21: Bobst Library, Room 745

Mapping the Text 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

An international conference, organized by Moacir P. de Sá Pereira, on spatiotemporalities within cultural and aesthetic objects. Featuring discussion panels, poster sessions, and a plenary talk by Sally Bushell, Professor of Romantic and Victorian Literature at Lancaster University and author of Reading and Mapping: Spatialising the Text.

See for schedule and registration.