Art and Media

QUEENSBOUND is a collaborative audio project founded by KC Trommer and begun in 2018 with a New Work grant from the Queens Council on the Arts.
Digital Downtown
Digital Downtown serves as a complement to the main library website for the Downtown Collection, the largest archival collecting endeavor at Fales Library & Special Collections, NYU’s main repository for archival materials in the arts and humanities.
Unmapping the Caribbean: Sanctuary and Sound
What would a map of sanctuary look like? This digital cartography project "Unmapping the Caribbean: Sanctuary and Sound" employs Esri Story Maps to examine fugitivity in the region through the lenses of marronage and indigeneity, depicting five geographies: New York
REPOhistory and the Lower Manhattan Sign Project
This project explores the collective REPOhistory’s inaugural project, the Lower Manhattan Sign Project (LMSP). The LMSP was a public installation of temporary, site-specific historical markers consisting of 39 signs in 36 locations by 49 members in 1992. The intent of