Grace Afsari-Mamagani

Grace is a doctoral candidate in English and American Literature at New York University working in the intersection of contemporary literature (especially as it represents dislocation, immigration, and race in the context of North American urbanism), information experience design, and critical digital pedagogies. She is especially interested in the epistemological and ontological implications of 21st-century literature & poetics for data modeling and literacy, web- and mobile-based interaction design, and curriculum development for classrooms and public humanities programming. Her dissertation — “Haptic Imaginaries: Design principles and 21st-century literatures of lived experience” — looks to mount a productive critique of interface design heuristics through a series of examinations of the materiality of embodied spatial traversal and interaction in post-9/11 “American” fiction and poetry.

Her professional experience includes user experience consulting, project and program management, research and other kinds of community management, K-12 tutoring and classroom teaching, marketing communications design, creative asset production, museum collections management, and content curation and generation.