Rachel Ward

Rachel M. Ward is a Ph.D. Candidate focusing on media art, artist archives, legacy and technology. She is a Research Associate at Small Data Industries — a media art conservation practice in Brooklyn — as a National Digital Stewardship (NDSR Art) Resident. Following her studies in Social Anthropology (M.Sc.) and Visual Anthropology (G.Dip.), Rachel is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Interactive Arts & Technology with an emphasis on Digital Anthropology. She has produced several documentary films and haptic anthropological art installations which she describes in Digital Echoes: Spaces for Intangible and Performance-based Cultural Heritage (2018). Her doctoral research centers on NYC women artists who pioneered new forms of technology in 1970-90’s and are now in the process of archiving their work.

See her LinkedIn profile at linkedin.com/in/rachelmarward.