Tax and Census Records, New York City, 1789-1790 and 1810

The objective of this data collection was to examine inequalities of wealth and the geographic distribution of wealthy individuals in late 18th- and early 19th-century New York and to investigate wealth in relationship to occupation and location. For this study, the entire set of tax assessment records and United States Census records for New York City were computerized and occupational status was added for all entries. The collection addresses topics such as social class structure, demographic factors, occupational status and geographic distribution, property values and geographic distribution, and the relationship of these factors to the political system. Units of analysis were individual property owners and renters for the tax assessment data and heads of households for the census data. Data collected included the individual’s name, address, occupation, sex, and race, the type, quantity, and value of real and personal property, and the type and occupancy of the structure at the address. Occupational data from city directories were used to supplement the tax and census data.

Shared Dataset Variables

Variable Name Description
AGEPERSON age of a person (only) in a dataset
BUILDINGDETAILS particulars of type of house/building (amenities/function/ownership/integrity)
CITIZENSHIP citizenship of an individual (us/foreign or specific country of citizenship)
EMPLOYMENTSTATUS generally recorded as whether in paid employment or not
ETHNICITY ethnicity of a person in a dataset
FAMILYDETAILS information pertaining to size and makeup of family or household
FIRSTNAME first name or initial of person
GENDER gender of a person in a dataset
INCOMEPERSON income of an individual
LASTNAME surname (whether married or maiden)
MONETARYVALUE monetary value or cost of goods/services/real estate
OCCUPATION occupation of an individual
PLACEADDRESS an address recorded in a dataset
PLACECITY the named city that is being measured in a dataset
PLACECOUNTRY the named country that is being measured in a dataset
PLACESTATEUS the named state (us) that is being measured in a dataset
RACE race assigned to a person in a dataset
YEAR the year of an event or occurrence (not related to a person's life event)