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NYWalker is a distributed project that aims to develop a rich database of places mentioned in various novels.
To summarize:   This study explores attitudes and perceptions related to urban problems and race relations in 15 northern cities of the United States (Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Gary, Milwaukee, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco,
REPOhistory and the Lower Manhattan Sign Project
This project explores the collective REPOhistory’s inaugural project, the Lower Manhattan Sign Project (LMSP). The LMSP was a public installation of temporary, site-specific historical markers consisting of 39 signs in 36 locations by 49 members in 1992. The intent of
A listing of the number of persons employed per shift for various snow removal episodes in the city of New York for the winter of 1915-1916. Table can be found on page 9 of the resource. Unique variables include the