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Aimee VonBokel
Aimee VonBokel is the Lynette S. Autrey Visiting Professor in the Humanities Research Center at Rice University. She worked as an Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow in the NYU Museum Studies Program, taught at the Murphy Institute for Labor Studies, and at
Amanda Watson
Amanda Watson is an academic librarian, specializing in reference, library instruction, faculty outreach, and collection development in the humanities. Her current research project, tentatively titled Original and Selected: Commonplace Books, Readers, and Poems in Nineteenth-Century America, is a study of the
Andrew Lee has a Ph.D. in Modern European History and, in addition to serving as Subject Librarian for History and Politics at NYU, teaches in the History Department. He is the editor of the Bulletin for Spanish & Portuguese Historical Studies,
Anelise Shrout
Anelise Hanson Shrout is trained in American and Atlantic history. She received her Ph.D. in History from New York University in 2013, and is interested in encounters between North America and the wider world from the age of exploration in
Blevin Shelnutt
Blevin Shelnutt is a PhD candidate in English at New York University and teaches courses in literature, media studies, and writing at NYU and Ramapo College of New Jersey. Her dissertation explores a nineteenth-century fascination with New York City’s Broadway
Bodies in Transit
A transcription and data modeling project centering on the NYC Municipal Archives bodies in transit ledgers, this ongoing work looks at the individuals and officials at the heart of public health in the city in the second half of the
Charlie Moffett
Charlie is a data science graduate student with five years of professional experience delivering platform solutions for SMBs, enterprise clients, and government partners. He is also a Prototyping Fellow at NYC Media Lab and LC Labs Innovation Intern at the